Key Takeaways:

  • Hallmark does stock a variety of Squishmallows in their stores, and will sometimes carry a Hallmark exclusive.
  • Squishmallows have become a popular collectible item for kids and adults alike.
  • Hallmark is a great one-stop shop for grabbing a gift and some wrapping in a hurry!

The Squishmallow Craze at Hallmark

Hallmark Store Squishmallow Display

If you're on a quest to find those cuddly, soft Squishmallows, Hallmark might just be your next stop!

Known for capturing hearts with their greeting cards and gifts, Hallmark stores have embraced the Squishmallow trend, catering to the affection many have for this adorable plush toy.

Whether you're looking to add to your collection or gift one to a special someone, Hallmark's variety ensures you won't leave disappointed.

Variety, Availability, and Exclusives

Rozen the Dragonfruit Fox and Astrud the Peppermint Bigfoot Squishmallows
Rozen the Dragonfruit Fox and Astrud the Peppermint Bigfoot Squishmallows!

Walking into a Hallmark store, you're likely to be greeted by an array of Squishmallows. From the classic favorites to the latest releases, Hallmark frequently updates its stock to keep up with demand.

In addition, the Squishmallows company has agreements with quite a few chain stores, and frequently comes out with a store "exclusive." This means that the item will only be released to one of these stores, like Hallmark, Hot Topic, or Claire's. Eventually these exclusives will hit the resale market, and you will see them become available on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

The trick is to grab these up when they are first released!

For those who love a good storyline, each Squishmallow comes with its own unique background, enhancing the collecting experience. This variety not only appeals to kids but also to adults who are kids at heart.

Retail Shopping Experience

Squishmallow Display at Hallmark

Shopping at your local Hallmark for Squishmallows is a breeze. The stores are well-organized, making it easy to locate the Squishmallows section.

If you're unsure about which Squishmallow to pick, the friendly staff at Hallmark are always ready to help you choose the perfect one. Their knowledge along with each character's story on their unique tag can make your shopping experience even more engaging!

Expert Tip: Keep in mind, the Squishmallows available in the store and online will be different. If you are shopping online and don't see your favorite character, it's worth it to call or take a trip to your local store.

Online Shopping and Availability

Prefer to shop from the comfort of your home? Many Hallmark stores offer well-stocked Squishmallows in their online stores as well. The websites are usually easy to navigate, allowing you to add your favorite plushies to your cart with just a few clicks.

The online descriptions do not always include detailed information about the personality and storyline of each Squishmallow. But to ensure you find the perfect Squish, you can always visit the Squishmallow Fandom Wiki and read the unique details for each character!

Gift-Giving with Squishmallows

Gifts wrapped in Squishmallow Paper

When the occasion calls for a gift that warms the heart, Squishmallows set the bar high. These cuddly companions are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Hallmark, known for its thoughtful selection of gifts, offers a variety of Squishmallows that can suit anyone's tastes or preferences. Whether you're shopping for a child who adores fantasy creatures or an adult who could use a dash of comfort, there's likely a Squishmallow waiting to be adopted.

Moreover, Hallmark offers the best selection of gift wrapping bags and supplies with their signature style, adding that extra sprinkle of magic.

Imagine the joy on someone's face as they unwrap a colorful Squishmallow, perfectly packaged. It's not just a gift; it's a bundle of joy and comfort, making it an unforgettable part of any special occasion.

This personal touch is what sets Hallmark apart in the gift-giving game, ensuring that each Squishmallow carries not just comfort but also a heartfelt message.

Plus, it's a one-stop shop for you!

Collecting Squishmallows

Squishmallow Display at Hallmark

For enthusiasts and collectors, Squishmallows aren't just stuffed toys; they are a hobby that brings excitement and joy. Hallmark caters to this enthusiastic group by offering exclusive and sometimes limited-edition Squishmallows that can become the jewels of any collection.

These special editions often feature unique designs, textures, and themes that aren't available elsewhere, making each visit to Hallmark a thrilling treasure hunt.

Collectors appreciate the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of adding a rare find to their set. Hallmark understands this passion and frequently updates its inventory with new releases and seasonal specials.

This commitment to keeping the collection fresh and exciting ensures that collectors have a reason to return, keeping the spark of their hobby alive with each new Squishmallow that joins their ever-growing family.

Hallmark is the Place to Be!

Hallmark indeed sells Squishmallows plush, offering a wide variety in their stores and online. These super soft, lovable plush toys have won over the hearts of many, becoming a popular item to collect.

Hallmark’s friendly shopping environment, coupled with their helpful return policy, makes it a prime destination for Squishmallow enthusiasts.

Here are a couple of the independent Hallmark stores that offer Squishmallows in their stores and online:

Steve's Hallmark - 8 stores in Northern California, plus online website

Banner's Hallmark - over 70 stores across VA, MD, NC, and SC

And there are so many more! Definitely do a local search for convenient shopping and service! Store Locator - all locations across 50 States and Canada

Happy Hallmark Squishmallow Hunting!


Q: Can I find all types of Squishmallows at Hallmark?
While Hallmark carries a wide variety, availability can vary by store and season. It’s a good idea to check online or call ahead to see if they have the specific type you’re looking for.

Q: Does Hallmark offer any special deals on Squishmallows?
Hallmark offers competitive pricing on Squishmallows, making it affordable to collect multiple characters. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and discounts, which can make your Squishmallow purchase even more wallet-friendly.

Joining Hallmark’s reward programs may lead to additional savings and exclusive offers on Squishmallows and other products. It's also a good idea to subscribe to the email list to get current store deals and updates.

Q: What is Hallmark's return policy on Squishmallows?
Hallmark stores are independently owned, so the returns and exchange policies regarding Squishmallows and other items will be specific to the store.

Most stores describe their return policies and requirements on their websites. I have seen some policies stating specifically that plush animals are not returnable, while in other stores that is not the case. Be sure to ask questions if this is a deciding factor in your purchase decision.

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