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  • Discover the allure of the Squishmallows Check-In Series, featuring exclusive and rare characters.
  • Learn where and how to purchase these special edition Squishmallows.
  • Understand the unique features, including the identifying purple tag.

What is the Check-In Series?

The Squishmallows Check-In Series stands out as a particularly thrilling adventure for collectors and enthusiasts!

This series represents a unique tier in the Squishmallows Rarity Scale that includes special edition Squish that are available only at select planned events and locations.

In addition, each character's level of rarity may vary depending on the nature of the specific location and size of the event.

Each of these special edition Squishmallows is created around the theme, making them exclusive treasures!

Their unique purple tags not only signify the rarity, but also add a layer of excitement to each find, making them highly coveted items in the Squishmallows community.

If you take a look at Hunter the Alien below, you can see the King's Island designation on the small circle on the front of the tag. He's also got an exclusive emblem embroidered on the back.

Where to Find Them

The excitement around these Squishmallows isn't just about their rarity; it's also about the joy of the hunt.

The Check-In Series Squishmallows are not found at your regular retailers. Instead, they are distributed during special events or at select locations like amusement parks, adding an element of adventure to their acquisition.

Whether it's a pop culture convention like the San Diego Comin Con or a special Squishmallows event, being at the right place at the right time is key. This exclusivity fuels the community's excitement and drives the fervor with which collectors seek out these plush toys.

For those ready to embark on this plush quest, it's essential to stay updated with Squishmallows announcements.

Social media platforms and collector groups are great resources for tips on upcoming releases and event dates.

Being part of this community not only aids in your collection efforts but also enhances the overall joy of Squishmallow collecting.

Once an event is over, it will be a matter of time for some of them to start showing up on private seller resale sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Mercari. The resale value of any rare tier Squishmallow will increase over time with more limited availability.

Check Out Some of These Rare Finds!

Take a look at the Squish that have been identified on the Fandom Wiki pages!

Pricing and Size Options

The Check In Series offers a variety of sizes, from small keychain companions to larger, more huggable versions. This variety ensures that there's a Squishmallow for every preference and price point.

While the price for these exclusive Squishmallows can be higher than their regular counterparts due to their rarity, the value they offer goes beyond just the monetary.

They are treasures that bring joy, create connections, and can even be a worthwhile investment as some become extremely rare over time.

Collectors should be prepared for a range of prices and should consider their budget when engaging in these exciting hunts. Remember, the joy of collecting often comes from the experience as much as from the acquisition itself.

The Thrill of the Hunt: Finding Rare Squishmallows

Finding a rare Squishmallow is like discovering a hidden gem in a treasure chest. For collectors, the thrill lies in the chase, fueled by the chance to snag one of these coveted plushies.

Each find is a celebrated victory! Whether it's a Check-In series, a special edition from a holiday pack, or a Select Series release, the rarity of these Squishmallows adds an exciting layer to the collecting experience.

Friends and fellow collectors often share tips and updates, creating a vibrant community eager to help each other secure these rare finds.

The joy of unboxing a pack and seeing a rare Squishmallow find is unmatched. These plushies are not just toys; they are collectibles that carry a sense of achievement and nostalgia.

Each Squishmallow often becomes the centerpiece of a collection, sparking conversations and admiration.

Retail shops and sites sometimes hint at the inclusion of these rare items in upcoming releases, which keeps the community on their toes. It’s easy to see why the hunt for these elusive Squishmallows continues to captivate the hearts of collectors young and old.

Care and Display Tips for Squishmallow Collectors

Proper care and display of Squishmallows can significantly enhance a collection's appeal and longevity. It’s crucial to keep these plush friends in a clean, smoke-free environment to maintain their softness and vibrant colors.

Displaying them on shelves or in specially designed cases can protect them from dust and direct sunlight, which might fade their colors over time.

Some collectors even choose to rotate their display, giving each Squishmallow a chance to shine while preserving the fabric's quality.

It's Time to "Check In" to This Series!

The Squishmallows Check-In Series is just plain fun!

Whether you're looking to expand your collection or start a new one, the Check-In Series is ready to offer adventure, joy, and maybe even a rare find.

Enjoy the Hunt!


Q: How can I find out about upcoming Check In Series releases?
Stay connected with Squishmallows' official social media accounts and join collector groups to receive timely updates on special events and exclusive releases.

Q: Are Check In Series Squishmallows more expensive than regular ones?
Yes, due to their exclusivity and rarity, these Squishmallows often come at a higher price point. However, they offer unique features and significant potential value as collectibles.

Q: Can I buy Check In Series Squishmallows online?
Occasionally, these special edition Squishmallows may be available through online promotions or contests, but they are primarily available at select events and locations.

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