What's in a Number?

Ever wondered what those digits on your Squishmallow's tag mean? Well, let me take you on a fun, little journey into the world of Squishmallow Collector Numbers!

Picture this: you're holding your adorable Squishmallow, and on its tag, you see something like "S5 #1366-2 / Squishdate: 01.14.2022". This intriguing sequence is your plushie's unique identifier in the Squishmallow Universe!

Let's Figure It Out!

Cam's Tag Shows: S8-#1 Squishdate 03.01.2017

Cam the Cat Squishmallow Tag

First things first - the S8 indicates that the size of this Squishmallow is 8". Note: this is the size of the Squishmallow attached to the Squishmallow tag! There will be other Cams out there with tags that show S5, S12, S16, and more!

Next up - Collector Number! Cam proudly bears the Collector Number 1!

Why? Because he's the pioneerβ€”the very first Squishmallow character ever created!

Last but not least, we have Cam's Squishdate! They are always in the unique format with the periods between the day, month, and year.

While there is some debate, the Squishdate is also considered the birthdate. This is not the same as the release date, which would be sometime after the Squishdate. So, here we see that Cam's Squishdate is 03.01.2017.

Expert Tip: It is possible to see a newer edition of Cam and other new Squishmallows with a different Squishdate. Now, this messes up the whole birthday idea a little bit, but we just go with it! In some cases, many of the editions will use the original Squishdate, and others will not. No one is quite sure of the rhyme or reason. But now you're an expert!

Calio's Tag Shows: S5 #1366-2 / Squishdate 01.14.2022

This Calio is 5" and has Collector Number 1366. This makes her the 1,366th unique member of the Squishmallow family! Her Squishdate is 01.14.2022.

Wait, you missed that "-2!" Keep reading!

Calio the Cat in a Pumpkin Costume Tag

Editions and Versions: A Closer Look

Now, let's dive a bit deeper. Squishmallows can have different editions, also called versions, but they all share the same Collector Number. What sets each edition apart is the version number that follows the Collector Number.

So, our sweet Calio above is the second edition of Calio. This Calio is dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween with a Sparkly Stem! The original, first version of Calio has a bright green stem. And it just so happens that the Squishdate for the original Calio is the same 01.14.2022.

Here's another example featuring Cam in his super cute giraffe costume!

Cam's Tag Shows: S7.5-#1-5 Squishdate 05.28.2021

Cam in Giraffe Costume Tag

Pop Quiz!

  1. What size is this Cam?
  2. What Collector Number is this Cam?
  3. Is this Squishmallow the first Cam ever made?
  4. What edition of Cam is this Squishmallow?
  5. What is this Cam's Squishdate?

Pop Quiz Answers!

  1. This Cam is 7.5"
  2. Collector Number 1 - because Cam is the first Squishmallow ever made.
  3. No. Trick Question. Hint: They never look exactly the same!
  4. This is the 5th unique version of Cam. It's like having different outfits for the same lovable character! Here he's dressed in a giraffe costume.
  5. Squishdate 05.28.2021. Note: This edition of Cam has a new Squishdate. We like to think that you can celebrate this Cam's birthday on March 1st or May 28th! You choose! That means 2x the cake!
Expert Tip: You will notice that the first edition of a character will not have an version number. Why? Because like the first year you have a great party, you didn't know there would be a second one, so you didn't say, "Come to the first version of my party." You get the idea. This original Cam has "#1" on the tag, not "#1-1," making it a neat collector's item.

Special Edition Squishmallows

Some Squishmallows are just a bit more special. But this can get a little tricky, so no Pop Quiz. New, special lines carry an acronym instead of the usual "S" for Size on their tags.

Original Squishmallows are one unique line, while we also have Fuzz-A-Mallows (SFZ,) Squish-Doos (SD,) and the Check-In Series, (SCI!)

For instance, our tag for Karina indicates that she is a Fuzz-A-Mallow.

Karina's Tag Reads: SFZ12-#1 / Squishdate 10.5.2021

Karina Fuzz-A-Mallow Tag

We've got a lot to unpack!

SFZ is now an acronym for the Size of a Fuzz-A-Mallow. This Karina is a 12" fuzzy cutie!

Each line will also start with a new set of Collector Numbers. In a new line, an existing character will get a new Collector Number. The original Karina Squishmallow has Collector Number 85.

It's pretty exciting to learn that Karina is the debut member of the Fuzz-A-Mallow line with Collector Number 1.

And There's More!

Licensed Squishmallows, like those from Sanrio or Pokemon, along with other spin-off lines like Stackables or Hug Mees, often don't include a Collector Number or a Squishdate on their tags at all.

Sometimes, you will see that the tag punctuation or use of symbols will vary.

Well, now, you know enough to realize that sometimes weird things just happen with no obvious explanation, but at least you've got the basics!

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

Olma the Strawberry Cat Squishmallow Tag

Each Squishmallow tag (except for a few exceptions!) tells a story with a little secret about the plushie you're hugging.

These iconic descriptions are referred to as Bios. Generally, the Licensed Squads do not include Bios.

Next time you pick up a Squishmallow, take a moment to check out its tag; you might discover something wonderfully unique about your squishy friend!

You're An Expert!

Or at least pretty well informed!

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