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  • Learn why these items are a dream for collectors and fans.

The Allure of First to Market Squishmallows

First to Market Squishmallows are those special, limited edition plush toys released ahead of general market availability.

These Squishmallows are highly coveted by collectors and super fans due to their uniqueness and limited availability. Being First to Market, these Squishmallows are a prized game piece in the collections of enthusiasts around the globe.

For fans and collectors, snagging a First to Market Squishmallow is akin to finding a hidden treasure. These items are not just toys but are seen as valuable collectibles that most often increase in value over time.

Their special status comes from being among the first of their kind to be released and labeled with exclusive tags not found in later releases.

Squishmallow Rarity Scale

Jazwares Squishmallow Rarity Scale Tiers

In addition to the official tiers on the Squishmallow Rarity Scale, there are Squishmallows that have some pretty unique traits!

First to Market editions are a great example. This special designation is for the first 5,000 Squishmallows of a new edition that are released!

First to Market Squishmallows are probably the most common Squishmallow rarity found in your usual Squishmallow store haunts!

Note: not every Squishmallow released will offer a special First to Market group.

How to Identify First to Market Squishmallows

These special Squishmallows come with a neat little, round badge on their tag, showing that they're among the first 5,000 of their kind to hit the shelves!

We had to enlarge the tags above quite a bit, so the they may be a little difficult to make out, but you'll know what to look for!

See full-size pics of these sweet characters below: Rozen, Astrud, Gavyn, and Anneli!

Because not every new Squishmallow edition gets this badge, if you spot one, you know it's pretty special! The tag will look just like the usual Squishmallow tag, but will have the added, round badge.

Expert Tip: Hey there! Just a fun tip for when you're out Squishmallow hunting at your usual stores: keep an eye on the Squishdate on the tag! In addition to the special designation, First to Market Squishmallows can also be released with different Squishdates. Why, I'm not sure, but it seems that this happens when restocking trendy items. The earlier the date, the rarer your Squishmallow might be. Happy hunting!

First to Market is Different than Store Exclusive

Sometimes these Squish are referred to as Store Exclusives, but Store Exclusives are not actually the same thing! (Expert knowledge, of course!)

First to Market Squishmallows will be released in smaller quantities to multiple, popular store locations.

Store Exclusives have a store badge and are only sold at that store. You will see a similar, round badge with the store name on the tag. Here are examples from BoxLunch, Walgreens, and Target!

Where to Find First to Market Collectibles

First to Market Squishmallows are typically available at specific stores or through their exclusive online platforms. Retailers like Target or Walmart might carry these exclusive items for a limited time before they are released to the wider market.

It's crucial for collectors to stay updated with release dates and store announcements to not miss out on these limited edition Squishmallows.

Online platforms also play a significant role in the distribution of these exclusive toys. Websites dedicated to Squishmallow fans often have sections where information about upcoming releases and where to find First to Market items is readily available.

For those keen on being at the forefront, joining online communities and forums can provide insider tips on when and where these Squishmallows will be available.

Why Collect First to Market Squishmallows?

Because It's Fun Saying

Collecting First to Market Squishmallows offers a unique thrill and satisfaction. For many, it's the excitement of the chase—being one of the first to own a newly released design.

Additionally, these Squishmallows often carry a special significance because they mark important moments in the brand's history, such as anniversaries or special events.

Moreover, for serious collectors, these items can represent a valuable investment. Due to their limited release and unique characteristics, First to Market Squishmallows will likely appreciate in value over time, especially if kept in excellent condition.

This potential for appreciation makes them not just fun collectibles but also a kind of special, Squishy, cuddly asset.

First to Market Things First!

As you have learned, First to Market Squishmallows are exclusive, limited edition plush toys that are released in a smaller quantity before being released to the general market.

They are highly sought after by collectors and SquishLovers for their uniqueness and potential value.

Don't forget to pay close attention to release schedules and availability to secure them for your collection.

You may have noticed that you'll find some super cuties at the amusement parks! Time to head out for a fun summer adventure!

Better get out there fast!


Q: How can I find out about First to Market Squishmallow releases?
Stay connected with official Squishmallow social media accounts, join fan forums, and subscribe to newsletters from stores that carry these collectibles.

Q: Why are First to Market Squishmallows considered valuable?
They are often released in limited quantities and have unique features not available in general releases, which can increase their value over time.

Q: Can First to Market Squishmallows be purchased anywhere after the initial release?
After their initial release, they may be harder to find but can sometimes be available through secondary markets like eBay or specialty collectors' sites. When this happens, it is likely that the Squish has become more rare due to availability and will be offered at a higher price. When purchasing online, be sure to check authenticity prior to checkout.

Meet Rozen, the Dragonfruit Fox 🦊

Rozen, the Dragonfruit Fox Squishmallow

Meet Astrud, the Peppermint Bigfoot! 🌲🍬

Astrud, the Peppermint Bigfoot Squishmallow

Meet Gavyn, the Donkey 🫏

Gavyn the Donkey Squishmallow

Meet Anneli, the Ferret 🦊

Anneli the Ferret Squishmallow

Happy Hunting and Squish You Again Soon!

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