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  1. Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow is a unique, chestnut-colored plush toy with distinctive features.
  2. Made from super soft polyester, it's designed for cuddles and easy care.
  3. Available in limited quantities, making Ferraz a must-have for collectors and fans.
We've got a TON of great info about the Caracal cat, but feel free to skip straight to Ferraz the Caracal Squishmallow!

What is A Caracal Cat?

Ever seen a cat that can leap into the air and knock down multiple birds at once?

Meet the caracal, a stunningly beautiful and incredibly skilled predator that's as mysterious as it is mesmerizing.

These cats are fascinating! Check out 10 Fascinating Facts below about these majestic cats!

Known for their distinctive tufted ears and impressive agility, caracals are not your average house cats!

In fact, caracal cats are not domesticated, nor can they be. Check out this article about the Caracal cat!

Lucky for us, Squishmallows has created an adorable Caracal cat Squishmallow so you can cuddle up and safely appreciate and enjoy these amazing creatures at home!

If you happen to live near Pittsboro, NC, you can visit the Carolina Tiger Rescue and meet Kitwana the Caracal! You can check out the site and learn all about him!

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Meet Ferraz, the Caracal Cat Squishmallow from the 2024 Everyday Squishmallow Squad! 🎨✨

Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow 8"

2024 Everyday Squad

Also available on Amazon:
Ferraz 5"
Ferraz 12"

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A Unique Collectible Caracal Cat

Ferraz is not just any Squishmallow; he's a lover of abstract art and adores opposite patterns.

As an interior designer, Ferraz lives by the motto "less is boring, and more is never enough!" His bold ideas might seem a bit much at times—imagine a lifeboat turned coffee table!

But that's where his design partner, Woodward, comes in. Woodward has a knack for balancing Ferraz's wilder concepts, and together, they make the dream team.

Their unique styles complement each other perfectly, making every design a masterpiece!

A Sweet Chestnut Colored Caracal Cat

Ferraz the Caracal Squishmallow captures hearts with his striking chestnut color and adorable features.

This plush toy stands out with its tan belly and brown fuzz, creating a warm, inviting look.

The four black whiskers sit prominently on his face, adding to his charm and lifelike appearance.

Distinctive Features of Ferraz

The design of Ferraz includes tufted ears and inner ears alongside brown detailing, which are signature traits of a caracal.

The curved mouth and round eyebrows, framed by eyes that are black rimmed with blue, give Ferraz a friendly and approachable expression.

A triangular mark on the muzzle colored nose adds a touch of whimsy to this delightful Squishmallow.

A Design for Comfort and Durability

Ferraz is not just about looks; he's also designed for durability and comfort.

Made from the iconic marshmallowy-like, pillow-soft, easy-care polyester, this Squishmallow is perfect for long cuddling sessions.

The materials used ensure that Ferraz can withstand frequent hugs and washes without losing his charm.

Ideal for Collectors and Kids

Whether you're a collector of Squishmallows or looking for the perfect cuddly toy for a child, Ferraz fits the bill.

His unique design and limited availability make him a prized item for collectors, while its softness and cuddly nature make it a favorite among kids.

Where to Find Ferraz

Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow is available in select stores and online platforms.

Due to his popularity and limited production, it's advisable to check availability and act quickly to secure your own Ferraz.

Ferraz has been released in sizes: 3.5", 5", 7.5", 8", 12", 16".

We've included an Amazon link above to the 5", 8", and 12" Ferraz! Plus two mini sets below: the 3.5" clip and the 5" mini.

We encourage you to search online to find Ferraz in additional sizes and at additional locations! I've seen him at Walmart, Poshmark, Steve's Hallmark, and more!

Remember, once this item is sold out, it may become a rare find!

You can also find the 5" Ferraz and the fun 3.5" clips in these adorable 2024 Everyday Squad Sets of 6.

2024 Everyday Squad 5" Set of 6

Connor the Cow, Holly the Purple Owl, Tyrone the Beetle, 5owland the Bull, Ferraz the Caracal Cat, Maui the Pineapple

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2024 Everyday Squad 3.5" Clip Set of 6

Connor the Cow, Holly the Purple Owl, Tyrone the Beetle, 5owland the Bull, Ferraz the Caracal Cat, Maui the Pineapple

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Care Instructions for Long-lasting Cuddles

To keep Ferraz looking its best, follow the care instructions closely.

The polyester ages well, but proper care is essential. Regular gentle washing and air drying will ensure that Ferraz remains soft, fluffy, and clean, ready for endless cuddles.

Why Choose Ferraz?

Choosing Ferraz means bringing home a Squishmallow that is both a comforting companion and a conversation piece.

His unique caracal design, combined with the quality construction of Squishmallows plush, ensures that Ferraz will be a cherished part of your collection or a beloved toy for years to come.

Wild About Ferraz!

Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow is such a one-of-a-kind plush toy!

He's definitely unique, and after reading all about these cats, how can you not appreciate what an amazing addition Ferraz will make to your squad?!

Don't wait to add this charming caracal to your collection or give it as a gift to a friend or special someone who will love him as much as you do!

I hope you love this special Squish!


Q: What size options are available for Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow?
Ferraz is available in various sizes, providing options to suit different preferences and needs. Ferraz has been released in sizes: 3.5", 5", 7.5", 8", 12", 16".

Q: How can I ensure my Ferraz Squishmallow stays soft and fluffy?
Regular gentle washing and air drying are recommended to keep Ferraz in top condition.

Q: Where can I purchase Ferraz the Caracal Cat Squishmallow?
Ferraz can be found in select retail stores and online platforms. Due to its popularity, it's wise to check quantity availability frequently and ensure your cart sold transaction is complete. You can also check customer reviews.

10 Fascinating Facts About the Majestic Caracal Cat

1. A Name That Means "Black Ears"

The name 'caracal' comes from the Turkish word 'karakulak', which means 'black ears'. It's one of the most distinguishing features of this wild cat. The caracal's large, pointed ears, which are topped with long black tufts of hair, aren't just for show. They enhance the cat's hearing, allowing it to detect prey even in challenging environments.

  • The ear tufts are believed to enhance communication with other caracals.
  • These ears can rotate independently to pinpoint the exact location of sounds.

2. Masters of the Air

Caracals are phenomenal jumpers. They can leap up to 3 meters in the air to catch flying birds, making them one of the most formidable bird hunters among the small cats. This ability is not just for hunting; it's also a defensive tactic to escape from predators.

  • Their powerful hind legs allow them to make these significant leaps.
  • Caracals use a combination of stealth and power to surprise and capture their prey.

3. A Solitary and Territorial Animal

Caracals prefer a solitary existence. They are fiercely territorial animals, with males occupying territories up to 35 square kilometers. These territories are marked by urine and possibly by claw marks on trees to ward off intruders and attract mates.

  • Solitude helps them to control their hunting grounds more effectively.
  • They rarely overlap territories with other caracals, avoiding conflict.

4. Adaptable Hunters

Caracals are not picky eaters. They hunt and consume a variety of prey, including birds, rodents, small monkeys, and even antelopes. Their adaptability to different environments and prey types makes them successful survivors in varying habitats.

  • They adjust their hunting techniques based on the prey and terrain.
  • Night vision and acute hearing are key to their adaptability.

5. Widespread Yet Elusive

Caracals are found across Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and India. Despite their wide distribution, they are elusive and rarely seen by humans, which adds to their mystique. They prefer habitats with some cover, such as savannas, woodlands, and scrub forests, but can also adapt to life in semi-deserts.

  • Their elusive nature makes them difficult to study in the wild.
  • Caracals can survive in areas with minimal water by deriving moisture from their prey.

6. Impressive Lifespan

In the wild, caracals can live up to 12 years, but in captivity, they have been known to live up to 17 years. This longer lifespan in captivity is due to regular meals, absence of predators, and medical care.

  • Regular health checks in captivity prevent many diseases that would otherwise be fatal in the wild.
  • A controlled diet in captivity helps prevent obesity, common in many captive wild animals.

7. Cultural Significance

In ancient Egypt, caracals were revered and sometimes kept as pets by royalty. They were also trained for bird hunting, a testament to their incredible skills and the high regard in which they were held.

  • Historical depictions show caracals alongside pharaohs and nobility.
  • Their grace and power were symbols of royal status.

8. Reproduction and Offspring

Caracals are known to breed year-round. The female usually gives birth to two to four kittens after a gestation period of about 78 days. These kittens are raised by the mother alone, who teaches them to hunt and survive independently.

  • Mother caracals move their kittens to new locations frequently to avoid detection by predators.
  • Kittens are born blind and are completely dependent on their mother.

9. Threats and Conservation

While not currently endangered, caracals face threats from habitat loss and conflict with humans, especially farmers who view them as threats to livestock. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensure their survival and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

  • Conservation programs are working on strategies like building predator-proof livestock enclosures to reduce conflicts.
  • Educating farmers and local communities about caracals can help foster coexistence.

10. Unique Communication Methods

Caracals communicate using visual and auditory signals. They hiss, growl, and purr, and also use body language, such as ear positions and facial expressions, to express their emotions and intentions.

  • Each vocalization has a specific meaning, from warnings to expressions of contentment.
  • Understanding these signals can greatly aid researchers and conservationists in studying these animals.

Want to Learn More?

Caracal Cat

Caracals are truly remarkable animals with a blend of beauty, agility, and mystery. Whether it's their incredible hunting skills or their secretive nature, there's so much to admire about these wild cats.

While caracals are undoubtedly beautiful and fascinating animals, they are best appreciated in their natural habitats or in sanctuaries designed to meet their complex needs.

The romantic notion of having such a majestic creature as a pet does not hold up against the realities and responsibilities of their care.

Here are many compelling reasons why caracals, despite their beauty and allure, should remain in their natural habitats and not be kept as household pets.

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