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Key Takeaways:

  • The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow is a must-have for Disney's Alice in Wonderland fans!
  • These unique stuffed animals are available in a few sizes and styles, perfect for snuggling.
  • Verified purchase reviews highlight the product's quality and cuteness.

The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow from Alice in Wonderland!

The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow is a delightful addition to the world of stuffed animals.

Inspired by the whimsical character from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, this plush toy has captured the hearts of many.

Whether you're a collector or simply looking for a cute companion, the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow is a fantastic choice.

First Things First: Is There an Actual Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire Cat Drawing

Well, now we have a pretty good idea with many thanks to Jordan Serchuk! (Quora post, June 29, 2020)

"The phrase “grinning like a Cheshire cat” was a British idiom long before Alice in Wonderland was written.

No one knows its exact origins. Some people think it’s because the county of Cheshire has many dairy farms, so its cats grin because they have so much milk and cream to drink.

Another (unverified) legend claims that a type of cheese used to be sold in Cheshire that was molded in the shape of a grinning cat.

At any rate, it was an old expression that inspired Lewis Carroll to create the character."

What Do We Know About the Disney Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire Cat Squishmallow Animated Character from Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat is a delightful character in the 1951 Disney animated feature film Alice in Wonderland. Read more on the Disney Fandom Wiki!

He’s a charming pink-and-purple-striped cat with a constant grin that’s sure to catch your eye. Full of mischief and unpredictability, the Cheshire Cat serves as a quirky guide for Alice during her whimsical adventures in Wonderland.

He loves to have fun, sometimes at Alice’s expense, but always with a playful spirit.

With his ever-present smile and the magical ability to disappear whenever he pleases, the Cheshire Cat is truly one of a kind.

He can reshape his body in the most amusing or startling ways, adding to his mysterious and slightly dark persona.

Unlike the other inhabitants of Wonderland, he proudly embraces his madness, which makes him all the more fascinating.

Even the Queen of Hearts seems to be wary of him, possibly because he’s the most unpredictable and eccentric character in Wonderland, or maybe it’s his unique abilities that keep everyone on their toes.

Either way, the Cheshire Cat’s enigmatic charm and playful nature make him an unforgettable part of Alice’s journey.

Meet the Charming Cheshire Cat Squishmallows!

Cheshire Cat Squishmallow from the Disney Alice in Wonderland Squad

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Glitter Cheshire Cat in the Disney 100th Anniversary 5-Inch 5-Pack Box Set

A glitter version of Cheshire Cat is included in Disney's 100 year celebration. Sold exclusively in this five pack alongside Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, and Stitch! We were lucky enough to find one of these sets on Amazon!

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Perfect Gift for All Ages

The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow makes a great gift for people of all ages. Whether you're buying it for kids, teenagers, or adults, this plush toy is sure to bring a smile to their face. Its universal appeal and timeless design make it a thoughtful and cherished present.

Mind the Tag

The tag on the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow is an important detail for collectors. It often includes information about the product and its authenticity. Keeping the tag intact can add value to the plush, especially for those who are serious about their collection.

Shop with a Silly Grin on your Face!

The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow is a delightful addition to any stuffed animal collection. It's a must-have for fans of Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

Whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift, this plush toy is sure to bring joy and comfort.

Here's to some cuddly mystery and whimsy!
😺(I know - wrong color cat!)


Cheshire Cat Squishmallow

What sizes are available for the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow?

The Cheshire Cat Squishmallow comes in various sizes, ranging from the small 5" handheld version in the Anniversary set to larger, huggable options. This variety ensures that there's a perfect size for everyone.

How can I track my order?

Most retailers provide tracking information once your order has been shipped. You can use this information to monitor the progress of your shipment and know exactly when to expect your Cheshire Cat Squishmallow.

Are there any sales or discounts available?

Yes, many retailers offer sales and discounts on Squishmallows. It's a good idea to keep an eye out for these deals to get the best price on your purchase. Prices will vary as a Squishmallow gets low in stock or availability and whether they are sold by a private seller.

Buying Tips

Disney 100th Anniversary 5" Mini Set of 5 Glitter Pack Squishmallows

Verified Purchase Reviews

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for retailers selling the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow. Many customers have expressed their delight with the product, praising its quality and design.

Positive feedback and high ratings are common, reflecting the overall satisfaction of buyers. Verified purchase reviews are a great way to gauge the quality of a product.

Many customers have shared their positive experiences with the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow, highlighting its cuteness and comfort. These reviews often mention how the product exceeded their expectations, making it a worthwhile investment.

Regular Price and Sales

The regular price of the Cheshire Cat Squishmallow can vary depending on the size and style. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for sales. Hopefully you won't find a sale sold out! Check any store with toys and games for sale.

You will have to start an early search for Christmas and other holidays.

Many retailers offer discounts on these similar items, allowing you to grab them at a sale price, making it easier to add this adorable plush to your collection without breaking the bank.

Shipping and Shipment Details

Shipping is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a Cheshire Cat Squishmallow. Be sure the person selling the items is known for their prompt shipping and careful packaging, ensuring a positive experience.

Most retailers provide detailed shipping information during checkout, ensuring that your order is shipped promptly. Customers have reported receiving their shipments in excellent condition, thanks to careful packaging.

Cheshire Cat Animated Character

Squish You Again Soon!

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