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Squishmallows continue to grow in popularity, offering not just a stuffed animal, but a companion that combines softness, adorable designs, and a warm embrace that can only be described as a sophisticated interior designer hug!

Among the stars of this cuddly lineup is the 2024 Woodward, the Snowshoe Cat Squishmallow, whose charm and fuzzy belly have captured the hearts of many.

Woodward the Snowshoe Cat Squishmallow 16"

2024 Squad, Collector Number 2220, Squishdate: 06.23.2023

Also available in 12" by internet search.

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Woodward is a top-notch interior designer with a flair for the sophisticated!

He's a big believer in the "less is more" philosophy, thinks minimalism is definitely here to stay, and feels that carpet is a bit passé, or "so last century," as he says.

Sometimes his bold statement, "color is for clowns," might take his clients by surprise, but that's where his vibrant design partner Ferraz the Caracal Cat steps in.

They make the perfect team - or should I say purr-fect team! Together, they're an unstoppable duo, creating stunning spaces everywhere they go!

And He's Charming, Too!

Woodward is a charming plush toy cat boasting a fuzzy white belly and a delightful chocolate muzzle and inner ears.

His lower body is a soft cream color. His soft brown and tan colors collect lots of smiles! His face is framed by white whiskers, highlighted by a pink nose and mouth, and a creamy white patch, all under his big, round black eyes that are rimmed in striking cyan.

This brown and tan snowshoe cat is just as stylish as his interior designs!

Why Woodward Stands Out

This snowshoe cat plush isn't just about looks; it's about experience!

Holding Woodward feels like embracing a cloud, thanks to his ultra-soft exterior and plush filling.

Whether you're a collector looking to add to your Squishmallows extensions or a parent seeking the perfect gift, Woodward offers something special.

His delightful snowshoe cat design, developed in collaboration with the outlandish design partner Ferraz the Caracal Cat, ensures that he stands out in a sea of ordinary stuffed animals.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a gift for a cat lover that will make eyes sparkle with joy?

Woodward is a safe bet. His charming personality and huggable body make him suitable for friends and family of all ages.

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because, Woodward delivers joy and comfort wrapped in a fuzzy belly.

Understanding Snowshoe Cats: The Origin of Woodward's Name

Snowshoe cats, a breed as intriguing as their name suggests, blend the best of two worlds with their striking appearance and amiable personalities.

Originating in the United States in the 1960s, these cats are known for their unique white paws that starkly contrast their darker fur, much like snowshoes against a winter landscape.

These cats are a unique combination developed from Siamese cats and American shorthairs.

This distinctive look is what inspired the name for Woodward the Snowshoe Cat Squishmallow, making him not just a cuddly toy but a nod to a fascinating breed.

Snowshoe cats are celebrated for their sociable nature and love of companionship, traits that Woodward the Squishmallow emulates through his soft, huggable design.

Unlike Woodward's friend Ferraz the Caracal Cat, Snowshoe cats are domesticated! Owners of Snowshoe cats often declare their pets as part of the family, a sentiment that Squishmallow collectors echo when they bring Woodward into their homes.

This connection not only enriches the backstory of Woodward but also enhances the bond between the toy and its owner, making each cuddle a blend of comfort and shared history.

You can find so much more info about this unique breed at Daily Paws!

How to Choose Your Woodward Squishmallow: Tips for Collectors

When deciding to add Woodward to your Squishmallow family, he currently comes in 12" and 16" sizes, promising big cuddles. Each size offers a different experience, so choose based on how much room you have and how prominent you want Woodward to be among your plush pals.

Collectors should also pay attention to the quantity and availability of Woodward Squishmallows. Due to their popularity, either great size may be hard to find, turning the hunt into a thrilling chase.

Checking online reviews can provide insights into which sizes collect the most love and depending on the vendor, which might be easier to ship to your doorstep.

Each Woodward has its own charm and will bring you joy! Plus, he'll fit seamlessly into your growing assembly of cuddly friends made with Squishy materials!

Where to Find Woodward

Woodward is available for purchase through various sellers, both in physical stores and online.

We've included this link here and above to Woodward on Amazon!

To ensure you're getting the genuine article complete with the official seal, it's crucial to buy from reputable sources.

Check online reviews and seller ratings to make informed decisions and avoid counterfeit products.

Expanding Your Collection

Woodward is just one of the many characters available in the Squishmallow lineup.

If you're looking to expand your collection, consider exploring other characters and check out the variety of sizes and colors available.

Each Squishmallow has its own unique personality and story, making them perfect for personalization and gift-giving.

Why Am I So Sad? Is That Purr-fect?

After seeing these sweet cats, I'd love, love, love to bring one home! But, I'm allergic and it just isn't going to happen!

That's actually purr-fect, because Woodward the Snowshoe Cat is a Squishmallow and won't make me sneeze at all!

With his unique design, softness, and charm, Woodward makes the perfect companion for anyone looking for a non-allergenic, yet sophisticated, cuddly friend.

Whether you're starting your collection or looking for the perfect gift, Woodward is a choice that promises to bring happiness and comfort!

Wishing you sweet cat cuddles!
(Did you ever notice all the cat emojis are orange cats?)


Q: Where can I purchase Woodward the Snowshoe Cat Squishmallow?
Woodward can be found at various reputable sellers both online and in physical stores. Always check for the official seal to ensure authenticity. He's currently available at Amazon and other retailers. Always check pricing, fast shipping, and delivery details!

Q: What makes Woodward different from other Squishmallows?
Woodward features a unique snowshoe cat design and is crafted with an outlandish flair that sets him apart from other plush toys. I've seen some advertisements that list him as a member of the Mystery Squad, but I haven't been able to confirm it.

Q: Is Woodward suitable for all ages?
Absolutely! Woodward is designed for cuddles and comfort, making him a perfect companion for both children and adults alike.

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