Imagine the joy as you add a touch of squishy delight to your Easter baskets and festive decor! These Easter Squishmallows are not just plush toys; they're snuggle buddies that bring warmth and charm to your home.

With their soft embrace and adorable designs, an Easter Squishmallow is the perfect addition to your springtime festivities.

Check out all these cuties, or use the drop down box to jump to your favorite!

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Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a treat for yourself, these plush pals are sure to set hearts aflutter!

Let's hop into the world of Squishmallows and find your next cuddly friend!

Easter Todd!

Todd the Rooster with Flower Basket 12" Easter Squad 2024

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🌼Get ready to be utterly enchanted by Todd the Rooster holding a Basket of Flowers from the 2024 Squishmallow Easter Squad!

This adorable 12-inch, Easter-themed Squishmallow isn't just a plush toy; he's a delightful companion that offers soft, huggable comfort to both collectors and those who love a good snuggle.

Todd is Simply Fantastic! πŸ“πŸ’

Embrace the joy of Spring with Todd the Rooster! Just ask him to play a song on his harmonica!

His design radiates a sweetness and happiness that's guaranteed to make him a highlight in your Squishmallow collection.

His flower basket is irresistibly adorable!

Whether you're chilling at home or embarking on a springtime escapade, Todd's plushy embraces are the ultimate comforting buddy.

Todd is a faithful friend who spreads cheer and serenity wherever he goes.

If you're on the hunt to grow your Squishmallow family or seeking the perfect Easter surprise, look no furtherβ€”Todd is your ticket to a burst of springtime delight.

As a bonafide Squishmallow, rest assured that Todd meets the top-notch standards of quality and authenticity. 🌟🌷

πŸ“Customer ReviewπŸ“"Todd the Rooster has strutted into our lives with his endearing charm, and we're totally smitten with his cuddly vibes!"

Easter Peter!

Peter the Pig 2024 Easter Squad 10"

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Get ready to meet the utterly charming Peter the Pig from the 2024 Squishmallow Easter Squad!

This delightful 10-inch, Easter-themed Squishmallow isn't just any plush toy; he's a little bundle of joy that brings soft, huggable comfort to both collectors and cuddle fans.

Peter is Perfection!

Let's face it - Peter is a Springtime Sensation! 🌸

Peter the Pig embodies the spirit of Easter fun! His design exudes a sweetness and joy that's sure to make him a shining star in your Squishmallow lineup.

His Easter patterned tummy and inner ears are just too cute!

Whether you're lounging at home or out on a spring adventure, Peter's plushy hugs are the perfect soothing companion.

Peter's a loyal pal who brings smiles and peace wherever he roams.

If you're looking to expand your Squishmallow family or find the ultimate Easter treat, Peter is your go-to for an explosion of springtime joy.

As a genuine Squishmallow, you can trust that Peter meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. 🌟

🐷 Customer Review 🐷 "Peter the Pig has trotted into our hearts with his sweet charm, and we just can't get enough of his cuddly presence!"

Easter Empressa!

Empressa, the Pink Chick Easter Egg, is hopping her way into your heart with her professional hopscotch skills and her quest for the gold.

This 8-inch Squishmallow is not just a plush toy; it's a companion with a story, ready to join you in creating new memories this Easter.

Empressa is Impressive!

Empressa is more than just an Easter egg; she's a symbol of the joy and playfulness that comes with the season.

Her ultrasoft 'Mallow materials make her the perfect snuggle buddy, while her unique personality and backstory add an extra layer of charm.

With Empressa, you're not just getting a stuffed animal; you're adopting a new member of your family.

This Squishmallow is a must-have for collectors and newcomers alike.

The high-quality materials and official Squishmallows seal of authenticity ensure that you're bringing home a product that's both durable and delightful.

Empressa is ready to hop into your Easter basket and into your heart!

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "I couldn't resist adding Empressa to my Squishmallow collection! Her story of being a hopscotch champ is just too cute. She's incredibly soft and has quickly become my go-to for comfort. Plus, she's a hit with the kids during Easter! Absolutely worth the price for such a high-quality plush."

Easter Luanne!

Meet Luanne, the Grey Opossum with a flair for summer evenings and a love for iced tea.

This 12-inch Squishmallow stands out with her adorable Carrot Hat, making her a unique and cherished gift for Easter.

Luanne is Loveable!

Luanne's larger size makes her an ideal cuddle partner for both kids and adults. Her story of enjoying summer nights adds a touch of nostalgia and warmth to her character.

As a member of the Squishmallow Squad, she brings diversity and personality to your collection, making her a standout addition.

The quality of Luanne is evident in her soft, squishy texture and the attention to detail in her design.

She's not just a plush toy; she's a friend who's content to share a glass of iced tea and make lasting memories!

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "Luanne has quickly become my favorite Squishmallow! Her Carrot Hat is just adorable, and she's so soft and huggable. She's the perfect size for snuggling on the porch on a warm evening. I'm so glad I bought her!"

Easter Triston!

Hop into the season of renewal and joy with Triston; he's a fluffy bundle of adventure, ready to chirp his way into your life with his unbeatable hide-and-seek skills and his dream of becoming an Easter legend.

This 8-inch Squishmallow isn't just a cuddly toy; it's a friend with a zest for life, eager to be by your side as you create unforgettable springtime moments!

Triston is Terrific!

Triston is a beacon of springtime fun and excitement. Crafted from the softest 'Mallow materials, he's the ultimate cuddle companion for those cool April mornings.

But Triston's appeal goes beyond his plush exterior; his spirited personality and rich backstory make him an irresistible addition to any Squishmallow family.

When you welcome Triston into your home, you're not just getting a stuffed chick; you're gaining a loyal pal who's ready to embark on every Easter adventure with you.

This Squishmallow is a treasure for both avid collectors and first-time finders.

Its premium materials and the authentic Squishmallows seal guarantee that you're acquiring a keepsake that's as enduring as it is endearing.

Keep your eyes out for releases that might include more sweet chicks like Aimee and Trina (Triston's twin sister!)

Triston is all set to nestle into your Easter festivities and become a cherished companion!

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "I was absolutely charmed by Triston's tale of hide-and-seek mastery. He's unbelievably soft, and his sunny disposition brightens up any room. Triston has quickly become my favorite comfort plush. The kids adore him too, especially when it's time for our Easter scavenger hunts! He's definitely a high-value addition to our Squishmallow collection."

Easter Tally!

Tally The Cat is here to add a purr-fect touch to your Easter celebrations. This 10-inch Easter-themed Squishmallow is officially licensed by Kellytoy and is ready to join your squad of cuddly companions.

Tally is Purr-fect!

Tally's cat design and Easter theme make her a unique and playful addition to any plush toy collection. Her soft and squishy texture is ideal for comfort during long car rides or sleepovers, making her a versatile companion for all ages.

As an officially licensed Squishmallow, Tally promises quality and authenticity.

Her personality and style encourage imaginative play, and her presence as a cuddle companion is unmatched. She's a gift that keeps on giving, perfect for any occasion, especially Easter.

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "Tally The Cat is the cutest Squishmallow I've ever seen! The bunny ears are adorable! She's so soft and just the right size for cuddling. My kids adore her, and she's become a staple for car trips. She's definitely worth adding to your Squishmallow squad!"

Easter Bubbles!

Hop into the spring season with the enchantingly adorable Bubbles the Bunny Squishmallow from the 2024 Squishmallow Easter Squad.

This 10-inch, Easter-themed Squishmallow is not just a plushβ€”it's a bundle of joy wrapped in soft, huggable comfort that's perfect for collectors and cuddlers alike.

Bubbles is a Springtime Delight!

With her charming flower headband, Bubbles the Bunny is the epitome of Easter cheer.

Her design radiates warmth and happiness, making her a standout addition to any Squishmallow collection. Her plush embrace is ideal for cozy snuggles at home or as a comforting companion on your springtime escapades.

It's rumored that Bubbles' father is the Easter Bunny himself, but only close family and friends know for sure. If you can't find her with her large family, Bubbles is most likely at the park jumping rope.

Bubbles isn't just another stuffed animal; she's a friend who spreads smiles and serenity wherever she goes.

For those eager to grow their Squishmallow family or searching for that quintessential Easter surprise, Bubbles offers a burst of springtime splendor.

As an officially licensed Squishmallow, Bubbles promises a product that meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "Bubbles the Bunny has hopped right into our lives and we couldn't be happier! Her velvety softness is unparalleled, and her size is just perfect for my kids to tote around. She's become a source of solace and joy for them, and the value was incredible for such a premium plush. Bubbles is an absolute gem for the Easter basket!"

Easter Patty!

Patty The Cow is moo-ving into the Easter season with her adorable design and squishy comfort. This 10-inch Easter-themed Squishmallow is a collectible treasure that will make a delightful gift for any stuffed animal lover.

Patty is Positively Wonderful!

Patty's cow design is both cute and comforting, making her a standout plush toy in any collection.

Her softness and squishability are perfect for snuggling at home or bringing along on adventures. Patty is not just a toy; she's a companion that brings joy and comfort to all who hold her.

Patty offers a super sweet option for those looking to expand their Squishmallow collection or find the perfect Easter gift.

Her officially licensed status ensures that you're getting a product that's both high-quality and authentic.

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "Patty The Cow has won over our hearts! She's incredibly soft and just the right size for my children to carry around. She's been a comforting presence for them, and the price was fantastic for such a high-quality plush. Patty is a must-have for Easter!"

Squishville Mini Mystery Eggs

Also available:

Mystery Egg - 1 Pack

Mystery Egg - 2 Pack

Mystery Egg - 5 Pack

Shop This Squish!

Hop into the whimsical world of Squishville, where the Mystery Eggs have rolled in just in time to add an extra sprinkle of joy to your Easter 2024 celebrations! 🐣✨

Crack Open the Delight with Squishville Mystery Eggs!

Imagine the excitement as you or your little ones crack open the vibrant pink, purple, and light blue Cam-Shaped Easter eggs to reveal one of 24 possible surprise Mini 2" Squishmallows!

Each Squishmallow is eagerly waiting to be your newest squishy friend.

🌟 Collect Them All! πŸŒŸ

With Squishville Mystery Eggs, the fun never ends! These eggs come in packs of 1, 2, 3, or 5, giving you the chance to gather a whole squad of cuddly companions.

Will you find the whole collection?

A Squishy Surprise in Every Egg!

Each egg holds a promise of a delightful discovery:

  • 🐰 Easter Bunny Approved: These Mini Squishmallows are the perfect basket stuffers, approved by the Easter Bunny himself!
  • 🎁 Gift of Squish: Whether you're expanding your own Squishmallow family or gifting a squishy surprise, these eggs are sure to charm.
  • 🐣 Rest Assured: Every Squishville Mystery Egg is filled with the same high-quality and authentic joy that Squishmallow fans have come to love and expect.
  • 🌷 Unforgettable Fun: Get ready to make your Easter 2024 unforgettable with these adorable, squishable surprises. Who will join your Squishmallow squad? 🌈🐰

🐰 Customer Review πŸ° "The Squishville Mystery Eggs are always a hit at our house! Waiting to see which Mini Squishmallow would hatch next was just like Christmas! Each one was cuter than the last, and the quality is just what you'd expect from Squishmallows. These have added so much fun to our Easter traditions!"

Extra Secret Surprise!

If you love surprises, you'll love this article about the Easter Squishmallow Mystery Box that holds 5 of the cutest randomly selected 5" Easter Minis!

easter mystery squishmallow box

Buyer's Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect Easter Squishmallow, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider where to buy your Squishmallows. Of course, we think you should use the Amazon links above to check out the current prices and details for the ones you love! (For transparency, don't forget those are affiliate links.)

You can also look for even more reputable stores or websites that offer authentic products. You will find these cuties at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and just about everywhere! Keep an eye on stock levels, as these popular items can sell out quickly, especially during high traffic times like Easter.

Next, think about the size of the Squishmallow that would best suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a small addition to a basket or a larger plush to snuggle with, there's a Squishmallow for everyone.

Also, pay attention to the product features and descriptions to ensure you're getting a genuine Squishmallow with the softness and quality you expect.

Lastly, remember to check the product information for care instructions to keep your Squishmallows looking their best.

With these tips in mind, you're all set to add the perfect Easter Squishmallow to your home or gift them to someone special. Happy snuggling!

Tips for Snuggling with Squishmallows

Squishmallows aren't just adorable stuffed animals; they're snuggle experts! Imagine using your Squishmallow as a comfy pillow during a cozy movie night at home.

These plush toys are perfect for adding a touch of Easter charm to any room, and they're always ready for a cuddle.

Incorporate your Squishmallows into your Easter egg hunts for a delightful change. Hide them among the eggs and watch the excitement as children discover these cuddly companions.

They're not only great for playtime but also serve as charming decorative accents that can be snuggled long after the Easter festivities have ended.

Easter Squishmallow Craft Ideas

Get your creative juices flowing with Easter craft ideas. Dress up your Squishmallows in Easter-themed outfits to add to the holiday spirit.

You can even set up a DIY project to create a Squishmallow-themed Easter basket, making it a unique gift for loved ones.

Transform your home into an Easter wonderland by incorporating Squishmallows into your festive decor.

Whether it's a centerpiece for your dining table or a whimsical addition to your mantel, these plush toys are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Plus, they're a hit with both kids and adults alike!

Fun Easter Activities with Squishmallows

Why not host a Squishmallow tea party this Easter? Tea, cookies, and Squishmallows - what a time to be had!

Set up a miniature table, complete with tiny cups and plates, and invite your favorite Squishmallows to join. It's a delightful way to engage in imaginative play and create cherished memories.

Organize a Squishmallow photo shoot to capture the joy of Easter. Dress them up with bunny ears and props, and snap away!

You can also create a scavenger hunt with your plush toys, hiding them around the house or garden for a fun-filled Easter activity that everyone can enjoy.

Time to Fill Your Easter Baskets!

As we wrap up our journey through the whimsical world of the new 2024 Easter Squishmallows, let's not forget the magic these cuddly companions can bring to our festivities.

Imagine the joy on your little one's face as they discover an Empressa the Pink Chick or a Luanne the Grey Opossum nestled among the colorful eggs in their Easter basket.

These Squishmallows aren't just plush toys; they're the heart of Easter morning surprises, the spark for imaginative play, and the cozy pals for family movie nights.

So, why not make this Easter one to remember? Embrace the spirit of spring by bringing home one (or a few!) of these adorable Squishmallows.

Whether you're continuing a cherished tradition or starting a new one, these snuggly friends are ready to hop into your celebrations and into the arms of someone special.

Don't let the Easter grass grow under your feetβ€”hop to it and make these Squishmallows a part of your springtime joy!

Find your perfect Easter Squishmallow today and let the springtime snuggles begin!

If you're still looking for a favorite, you can also check out the Amazon Squishmallow Store and this Easter Squishmallow search!

Enjoy your Easter Celebration!

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Hop into the season of renewal with the most charming and snuggly companions you could ever wish forβ€”Easter Squishmallows! These Squishmallows are ready to add a sprinkle of joy and a dash of cuteness to your springtime decor. Perfect as a whimsical gift or a personal treat, these plush treasures are bound to make hearts soar with happiness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy an Easter Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are available at various stores and online platforms. In addition to the Amazon links above for some of our favorites, you can check stock availability on your favorite website, contact your local store directly, or look for ads promoting the latest Easter Squads.

There are also quite a few Easter options at!

Don't forget to compare expected ship and delivery times.

If you didn't pick a favorite, visit the Amazon Squishmallow Store and take a look at an Easter Squishmallow search for the latest Squish available!

How do I care for my Easter Squishmallow?

Caring for your Easter Squishmallow is easy. They can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and left to air dry. Avoid machine washing to maintain their softness and shape. Read our article for more tips and info!

What makes Easter Squishmallows special as Easter gifts?

Easter Squishies are special because they're not just plush toys; they're companions with unique personalities. They make for a heartfelt and cuddly Easter gift that can be cherished for years to come. They are sweet and soft messengers that support Easter's message of love.

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